Carts vs Pallets

Why Companies are switching to CannonCarts®

  1. CannonCarts® require NO special equipment (pallet jacks, forklifts, etc) to operate
  2. CannonCarts® are more ergonomically designed which reduces chronic injuries associated with bending and lifting items off of pallets.
  3. CannonCarts® are SAFER than pallets because there are no rusty nails protruding which can cause injuries
  4. CannonCarts® are NOT flammable – wood and plastic pallets are flammable and cause some of the worst fires each year.
  5. CannonCarts® contain NO toxic materials – pallets are made with compressed wood residue bound together with adhesives containing urea formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance that is a known carcinogen associated with leukemia and nasal sinus cancers.
  6. CannonCarts® require NO additional wrapping materials such as stretch wrap, straps, etc to protect the load.
  7. CannonCarts® are made of steel; pallets are made of absorbent wood that can easily become a breading ground for bacteria’s.

 Pallet Buster Solution PDF