Customer Support

Cannon Equipment employs a number of “customer service” professionals, but each and every Cannon Equipment employee understands that everything we do is a function of supporting our customers.

Direct Sales Force:

We have a dedicated team of direct sales professionals with an average of 10 years of service to Cannon Equipment. These individuals are able to access a situation and make appropriate recommendations to our customers to ensure a project is clearly understood and then work alongside the customer to design the best solution and execute the project.

Customer Service

A positive Customer Service experience is essential to the success of Cannon Equipment which is why we have taken a personalized approach to customer service. Our dedicated Customer Service team is able to answer questions about quotes, proposals, samples, prototypes, orders, shipping and fulfillment.

Customer Service
Customer Service: 1-800-825-8501; option 1
CannonCart® Inside Sales: 1-800-825-8501 x6459 or 507-263-6459
CannonCart® Sales – click for map
Automated Machinery Customer Service & Inside Sales: 1-800-825-8501 x6682 or 507-263-6682
Automated Machinery Sales – click for map

Media Inquiries:
Accounting Inquiries: 1-800-825-8501; option 2
Shipping & Receiving Inquiries: 1-800-825-8501; option 3
Purchasing Inquiries: 1-800-825-8501; option 4
Human Resources Inquiries: 1-800-825-8501; option 5 (

Mailing Address:
Cannon Equipment
324 West Washington St
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Toll Free: 1-800-825-8501
Direct: 507-263-6400