Solutions Provider

Cannon Equipment differentiates it’s self among other competitors by offering more than a CannonCart®, our expertise goes beyond making a “sale” and extends into working with our customers to develop  a complete cart based system that will increase operational efficiencies. 

Direct Sales Force:

We have a dedicated team of direct sales professionals with an average of 10 years of service to Cannon Equipment. These individuals are able to access a situation and make appropriate recommendations to our customers to ensure a project is clearly understood and then work alongside the customer to design the best solution and execute the project.

Domestic Manufacturing and LCE Capabilities

Cannon Equipment operates two (2) manufacturing facilities located in Minnesota with top of the line production capabilities. Our parent company has offices located in China staffed with employees that manage overseas sourcing projects. This allows Cannon Equipment to offer LCE capabilities to our customers.

Engineering Advantage, Custom Design

The custom design development process is an intensive period of time that involves our engineering team, manufacturing team and project management team in a series of meetings and development sessions. The process we adhere to is referred to as a Stage-Gate process.

Focus on Safety and Ergonomics

Above all else, Cannon Equipment is focused on the safety of our employees and of our customers. Each and every Cannon Equipment product is designed for optimum ergonomic operation and tested for various hazards. Additionally, we offer on-site training and have developed a general safety DVD available to all customers.

ROI Analysis

Completing an extensive ROI analysis is integral in being able to offer a product that will increase operational efficiencies. Our detailed ROI analysis tool addresses areas such as: capacities, labor costs, product damage and loss, workers compensation and more.


No one has more experience than Cannon Equipment when it comes to the design and manufacturing of CannonCarts® and Automated Machinery. Our expertise is unmatched.

Customer Service

A positive Customer Service experience is essential to the success of Cannon Equipment which is why we have taken a personalized approach to customer service. Our dedicated Customer Service team is able to answer questions about quotes, proposals, samples, prototypes, orders, shipping and fulfillment.


Cannon Equipment celebrates our commitment to operating socially and environmentally responsible annually, where employees take part in continued education seminars and participate in various community service projects.