Quality & Safety Testing

CannonCarts® are made from high quality steel and other materials and are designed to last 10-15 years. Each CannonCart® design is tested for strength, integrity and safety before going into production; this ensures each cart design is going to perform up to your expectations. It is these initial quality checks that make certain each CannonCart® is built with quality materials.

Cannon Equipment is a company devoted to safety above all else. To ensure our CannonCarts® are safely built and can be safely used they are put through rigorous quality and testing procedures. Our testing practices have been proven time and time again; through our stringent testing practices we have gained the knowledge to call ourselves cart experts!

Quality Testing

We utilize a test track that mimics real world elements each CannonCart® will encounter. This test track is invaluable as designs are developed and altered to meet our customers requirements, specifically, it is during this test period where any weld or structure fatigue, structural weakness, and caster wear points are developed and can then be corrected.

  • Static Load Test
  • Dynamic Load Test
  • Dynamic Life Expectancy Test

During the various testing processes, our quality managers are documenting information on how each cart is performing against our requirements. Besides evaluating and documenting normal wear and tear, there are 4 specific failures they are looking for:

Safety and Ergonomics

Cannon Equipment goes to great lengths to ensure our carts are safe for use and are ergonomically designed. Unfortunately, a Cannon Equipment employee does not accompany each cart into the field. Wheeled transport carts are used in a wide variety of special and general purpose material handling applications. While many of these carts are custom designed for specific industrial, institutional and retail use. There are a number of common sense safety practices that apply to carts in general. If carts are used improperly or carelessly, even the simplest application may result in an accident and/or serious personal injury. read more

Safe Cart Usage Videos


Cart Safety Part 1

Cart Safety Part 2


Cesta Seguridad Parte 1

Cesta Seguridad Parte 2