CannonCart® Handles

A handle (or handles) may be utilized on some CannonCarts® based on a customer’s needs or requirements.  Our engineering staff has developed a number of different handle options that meet ergonomic standards and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Horizontal Handle

A horizontal handle is the most basic handle design used most often on lightweight capacity CannonCarts® like a hand-truck or mail cart.

Multiple Vertical Handles

When designing a CannonCart® with vertical handles, two are always required. These vertical handles increase a user’s comfort while also increasing their steering accuracy.


Removable Handle

Removable handles are not a standard option, but are a custom solution for certain applications. Removable handles allow the CannonCart® operator to attach the handle where it is most comfortable for them and gives them the most control over the cart. These are often used when horizontal or vertical handles take up to much space when carts are placed side by side or nose to nose.