CannonCart® Retention Essentials


The National Retail Federations survey on Organized Retail Crime estimates that “57.4% of theft occurs en route from a distribution center to stores”. Protecting products during this phase of the distribution cycle is critical. Using some type of retention method will:

  1. Deter thefts during transit
  2. Protect product from shifting or falling during transit
  3. Doubles as a secure storage location

Security doors, netting, straps or wire grids are all options available to secure product inside the cart from pre-staging to loading & unloading at its final destination, and finally for backroom storage. Anytime a customer is concerned about product retention, we recommend a wire grid cart combined with one of the following:

Security Doors

Security doors are lockable, solid metal doors used on our four or five sided wire grid CannonCarts®. These doors, along with the wire grid design make it nearly impossible to access the carts interior contents.


Netting is an option for two, or three sided CannonCarts® when retention and protection is desired. Netting (normally a nylon material) is fastened to one side of the cart and then clipped across the front of the cart and secured in place with hooks.


Using a strap (or straps) on a CannonCart® is mainly for product retention as it does not completely secure product inside the cart. This is an effective manner for retaining large products that can shift of fall over during transportation.

Wire Grid

Every Security cart and some three sided CannonCarts® have a 2”x 2”wire grid design. This is an intentional design element that holds product of all shapes and sizes in place on the cart. The 2” x 2”grid pattern is not large enough to remove product through, nor is it large enough for product to fall out of.