CannonCart® Display and Storage Options


CannonCarts® are designed with various shelving systems that serve a variety of purposes. In many cases CannonCarts® end up as display units in retail locations with product being “shopped” directly from their shelves. In other cases, shelves merely serve as a box separation tool that assists with a more organized distribution, stocking or delivery activity.

Rigid Shelf

A rigid shelf is a stationary shelf welded into place on a CannonCart®.

Standard Folding Shelf

A folding shelf is also welded into place, but features hinges that allow the shelf to be folded up and lowered back down into place.

Adjustable/Removable Shelves

An adjustable shelf has multiple placement options. These shelves can be placed in a number of pre-determined positions depending on package/product size. Removable shelves are used on our knocked-down CannonCarts®. These carts have anywhere from 5-20 different shelf placement locations and shelves can be securely placed where needed.

Side Shelf

Side shelves are beneficial when used on a CannonCart® with an adjustable height. In these instances the cart is often taller than dock doors, therefore cannot be extended to its full height while loading or unloading. The side shelves allow additional product to be stored there while loading and unloading. Once the cart height is at full extension, the items on the side shelves can be placed at the top of the cart.