CO2 Racks

Anytime CO2 cylinders are carried in a service or route truck, racks MUST be provided for fastening or chaining up the cylinders to prevent personal injury and/or property damage.  Cannon Equipment CO2 carriers are DOT approved and are fitted with the necessary restraints to keep you and your property safe.

  • Heavy-gage square steel tubing for durability in a forklift environment
  • Available in vertical or horizontal configurations to achieve maximum cubic utilization in your vehicles
  • Horizontal models can be customized to accommodate 4 or 5 cylinders and also serve double duty as returnable pallets
  • In horizontal models, cylinders are retained by a folded front gate, constructed of solid sheet steel and dual latch pins for added safety

We have 4 models of CO2 cylinder carriers:

4 Tank Carrier #83-0386-000


5 Tank Carrier #83-0383-001


16 Tank, Stackable Carrier #11142-900



20 Tank, Stackable Carrier #11142-920