New Products

Our Engineers, Sales Staff and Marketing teams are always thinking of better, more efficient products to offer our customers, here are a few of them!

Pallet Buster™

This cart is the exact size of regular pallets, but is able to handle more weight, be stacked higher and increase cube-out in transportation trucks. Read More

BevGlide™ with Clear Plastic Front

The newly designed clear acrylic front panel allows complete product visibility. The Clear Plastic front design incorporates the use of a thick acrylic insert that retains packages of various sizes and allows clear visibility for product identification and information. This design has become an industry favorite. Read More 


Large Tote Cart

Originally designed to handle totes for over the road delivery, this sturdy and versatile cart can also transport other case goods safely and efficiently. Two (2) fold-down side shelves can be utilized for added capacity when needed. The rigid design, 750 lb load capacity and four (4) swivel casters of this CannonCart® will make your distribution, stocking or work-in-process operations run smoothly and efficiently. Read More

Small Tote Cart

This smaller version of the rigid cart 103121-900, is a folding design able to handle totes for over the road delivery. This sturdy and versatile cart can also transport other case goods safely and efficiently. All of the shelves on this cart fold down enabling the entire cart to be collapsed for space savings during backhaul or in the backroom. Read More

Direct Store Delivery Cart w/ Attached Hand Truck

This versatile cart is used to move product internally and externally. It is designed to optimize direct store delivery applications by using the CannonCart® to transport goods from your facility to the delivery point, and then utilize the on-board hand truck to save time once at the delivery point. This eliminates return trips to the truck and decreases time spent at each delivery location. Read More

Large, Delicate Item Work-In-Process Cart

This custom cart was designed to safely transport delicate items such as windshields from vendor facilities to manufacturing/assembly facilities. Read More

Low Profile Tracking Security Cart

This multi-purpose low profile security cart offers tight turning radiuses and tracking when multiple carts are linked together and towed. With both front and back gates that fold down, accessing the carts contents is simple and easy. Read More

Retailer Branded Security Cart

This CannonCart® features detachable exterior panels that can be customized for branding purposes and used for in-store applications. As a standard security cart this creates an attractive and secure in-store storage space that can be utilized for a number of different applications. Read More


Combine CannonCarts® with a Motorized Tugger and move more product faster.  Read More